Ethical Filament
picking up wastes

About Us

Why We Started

The Ethical Filament started five years ago because of the rapid growth of poverty in many places as well as the growth of harmful products to the environment. We know that there are so many organizations like ours but that only made us push through with our advocacy and be motivated further to create our own type group as well. It was a good idea from the start and the intention was good as well so we did not see any kind of reasons not to try creating this organization which can help a lot of individuals in the community. Other than that, what really pushed us to make a change in our environment are the waste pickers you could see everyday lingering on the streets and in the corners of many places in the community. We salute these people for cleaning our environment and for dropping the rubbish and garbage to their proper places. These waste pickers do their job every day but still, they don’t get the income they deserve. This is also among the reasons why Ethical Filament started.

Because of both the rapid growth of poverty and harmful products in the market, we wanted to step up and create a bigger place for these waste pickers to work on. More than that, we are hoping to start creating our own products with these people.

Our vision is to give these waste pickers the work they deserve and to support them in their jobs as well. We encourage the waste picking because it doesn’t just help us clean the environment but it also let us do more with them. Now, we are a part of the waste pickers who go all around to different places and collect the garbage that we dispose of. We hope that you are also going to support us in this endeavor.

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