Ethical Filament
cleaning the road


Marcus L.

I really love the vision of Ethical Filament. I know I’ve always been a person who loves new things and inventions in the market but seeing the initiative from people to do better to the environment fuels my passion for these things better. It is indeed eye-opening for me to land on this website and see other people’s views. Other than that, it is a good thing that they create new products from those we deemed as garbage already. I salute the waste pickers who put a great effort in getting the job right. It made me feel more encouraged knowing such people for their great dedication. Also, thanks to Ethical Filaments because these waste pickers already got a better job and a better way to collect useable trash and they won’t experience more hardship in collecting these wastes.

Kurt W.

You’re right, Marcus. It is indeed great supporting this organization because of their amazing vision. I ‘ve always wanted to speak for the environment and nature but couldn’t since there are a lot of people who support the new inventions despite the fact that those are harming the environment and not conserving the resources that we still have. It is a saddening thought that many people don’t care about these issues as long as they get what they want. People such as waste pickers even have to suffer from poverty while others just enjoy their own good life. I just want people to take a look on this side of the world and know that there are also some who are suffering as well as worrying for the environment.

Marcus L.

You got a point and that is one of the reasons why I actually want to take part in organizations such as this. There are so many things to worry about other than new inventions and instead of creating more products that are harmful to the environment, why not we appreciate those that are actually environmental-friendly?

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